Re: I had similar thoughts Dewey-----

Good afternoon Itz, Thanks for your post, I always enjoy reading them. I don't think you lecture too much, however I need a lecture everyday on the Hogs!

We may not get a big move on the hogs but I sure am in position if we do!! The following is part of a long comment on hogs that just came out this afternoon by Hightower

**HOG MARKET POSITIONED FOR A BIG RALLY** We continue to view the hog market as having the best potential for an explosive upside move in 2019. As we move past the time of year when hog supply peaks, we should see cash hog prices turn higher. The Hogs & Pig report news was bullish to the market. Many traders had feared that the report would be a bearish surprise on concern that producers would have continued to expand rapidly because of China's problems with ASF, but this did NOT happen. As a result, the hog market still has one of the more bullish fundamental "stories" for 2019, which will likely attract more buying interest from fund traders.

Once again it is Christmas time and business is slowing down! I am closing office until Wed morning. I notice the Merc is open Monday but closing early! I will be using my laptop and checking on the hogs from my house on Monday


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Re: I had similar thoughts Dewey-----
Re: I had similar thoughts Dewey-----