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for my first impression. Short term it was on the positive side with the swine fever issues. There is still a massive problem with the last 4 years of continued new record production each year. It appears to be around a 20% increase in pork production since 2006 and will probably continue to climb going forward. The producer won't cut back as long as they profitable each year. Meat production from all sectors, cattle, hogs and chickens continues to climb here in the US as well as the rest of the world. China is the only place seeing a decrease due to the swine fever. Everyone is waiting for the "Rest of the Story" when the True Facts are revealed but as we wait the bulls will continue to scramble to get their seats on northbound------with the expectations that it will turn into another 2014 Space Shuttle Launch. We didn't run short on pork then and we won't if it happens again.

This kind of continued record production will lead to one thing in this new decade-------a BLOODBATH of 98 proportions. I keep telling my producers to get their house in order or risk becoming a statistic. I know they are getting tired of it because some have started telling me the same thing my wife tells me------"You lecture to much". I just tell them my lectures are a lot like my Hallucinations, a good percentage of them turn into Reality------"you've made good money due to my lectures, so what's the problem".

I realize lectures probably fall in the same category as nagging, which my wife tends to do with many valid reasons but irritating to me. One time I thought I had a good come back for her telling me I lecture to much-----I was brave enough to tell her "You nag to much". That was a one moment bout of bravery for speaking my mind for that topic. I still think it a lot but I know better than to say it in such a negative way. Some addictions just can't be broken, I continue to lecture and my wife continues to nag but they both can be defined the same way. Each one boils down to being-------caring guidance for desired positive results.

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