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with the back months. Oct is a tough mind game to figure out. Just because I'm long does not mean I'm bullish, it just means that's my train of opportunity for a profitable ride but I have no idea when I'll be pulled onto the next train going south. That's the one I want to be on and my hand is sticking out the door waiting to get sucked onto the next southbound going by. My technical read said this rally needed to happen and believe me I spent some money and anxiety trying to board the northbound. All wasted time, money, and energy. Nothing like catching a FREE RIDE with the fishing lines.

I was stopped out of my other catch from yesterday but I'm still holding 3 other longs with a 104.70 target on 2 and the 3rd I'll play with until my next target lines up above 105.00 or I'm stopped out at 100.60. If that happens I should have snagged a seat on a southbound. I should know better but the logic side has won out with the setback Dec had this morning. I'll be selling a pair at the 93.00 area if it can climb back up there but I know that will probably trigger the pop to 95.00. I've banked enough fishing profits from this move I can afford to risk another attempt at buying a seat before the train is ready to pull out of the station. I do get the feeling they are firing up the engine but may need 1 more surge to test the resolve of those already on board.

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