over do as over do does. I smell a another $5 extension to 105.00 simply because the top pickers do as the bottom pickers do, get stopped out a few times until the directional momentum is exhausted. Which is probably close at hand but then the 3-5 days of topping to set up the rollover does not have to happen but generally does. I did have another pair of fishing lines set yesterday at the breakout point of 100.95 not from logical desire and forced to use a larger anxiety filled 1.20 risk until the overnight when I pulled my stops up to 100.65 for a more comfortable risk level of 30 cents. I have Dec sell orders at 95.40 to start legging into spreads. Dec could have a BRICK WALL at 94.75 but if buy stops get triggered I expect a run to 96.00 but I'm getting nervous and 95.40 is my next marked target I believe has LOCKED ON but waiting for the STOP RUNNER CHALLENGE to kick in.

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