Re: DH, the usda miscount---is that

possible? I tend to believe we can count on a miscount a good share of the time. This does look promising for that $10 move but the 95.00-97.70 area could be a battle zone the next 2 days. I made some decent scalps yesterday but went into the close holding a pair of longs at 94.75 and the pit close above 95.05 was my signal to shot first, ask questions later by buying another pair at 95.05. I was a bit surprised last night with how smart I looked. Set my stops at 95.25 and went to bed with no anxiety. I was even more surprised when I woke up this morning and decided the bank was the safest place to put one of those nice trophies that I originally thought were sucker fish. This could be a fun and good fishing day, I just snagged a pair of sell stops at 96.12 and set my buy stops against them at 96.45. Now I have to wait for the 1st 60 min close to decide on a response. It always amazes me how hard I try with top/bottom picking only to receive futile anxiety but sit back and relax with the fishing lines set and before I get too far into other items of business, the fish are biting.

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