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we'll see a $10 rally but I do know Oct hogs do have a decent track record for $10 rallies during its front month trade. That doesn't mean it always holds those rallies for expiration. I'm mainly talking the somewhat tendency for a rally in Sept as a knee jerk to the heavy anticipated selloff the first 2 weeks it is front month.

Maybe my chart is wrong because I have run across inaccurate charts from time to time. My chart shows last year did give a 9.95 rally off of the august 21st low up to 93.75 on Sept 25th. It gave back half of that into expiration but it still completed a $10 rally the month of Sept. The launching pad is built with last weeks $5 pop and sooner or later cash will take a breather from its fall. I won't catch the whole $10 move but my fishing lines will catch chunks of it. If it doesn't happen, I'll still catch chunks of the trips retesting the lows.

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