Re: DH, the struggle with right or wrong

is what stops many traders from placing the order. It's human nature to fear, deal with, or stubbornly ignore being wrong which produces more errors or polarizes our ability to act. The frustration of being wrong puts an end to most trading endeavors. The psychological confrontation with being wrong, can be partially dealt with through effort of identifying our personal flaws that continually allow that process of wrong choices to happen. Embracing our humanity to error, by managing risk when error occurs(damage control) goes a long way in reducing our percentage of errors and helps build choice making confidence because I can take a GUT PUNCH but if I stand there long enough I may get my HEAD handed to me on a platter. When you allow fear of being wrong to take control, you deprive yourself of an opportunity of being RIGHT.

When we are proven correct in our choices made, we let fear of being wrong work his way back into our minds for the right profit taking deposit that many times ends up a negative goose egg. Fear and Greed are the thieves that are after our joy and confidence. They are NEEDED elements to get through the day to day pitfalls of life but need to be LOCKED in the basement where we can hear their warnings but don't ever open the door or you will put yourself at risk of having your head on a platter. I've found that having a PRIME DIRECTIVE RULE of ANY SIZE of a DEPOSIT is a winner and keeps the bank account growing. This keeps my confidence positive which in turn helps me keep the basement door locked on Fear and Greed. It took many years of looking in the mirror to identify my habits of error that were robbing me of the joy I have for playing this game. Identifying my human flaws was the easy part, controlling them is a day to day process that has days of failure to deal with.

I apologize, I wanted to make a comment on one of my hallucinations that I see possibly setting up a possible $10 bottom off of the Nov 14th high. I ended up giving a lecture on my experience in dealing with right and wrong. Now I have to get back to work, I'll try to get back with my plan of attack later but I did have fishing lines set at 85.95 but will have them working again tomorrow morning.

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