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Hi Dewey,
Good to hear you had a fantastic trade in BO.
It sure helps a guy's moral when that happens.
I caught a decent trade in Crude recently
so that helped.

Personally, after watching your posts for some time,
I would prefer We were on the same side in them hogs, lol

I live in the west half of Iowa.
I been farming since 1972.
As the Grandkids would say, " I'm getting right up there!!!"

A few yers ago, We decided to retire and rent the farm out.
That was a very good decision for us as it's much easier -
that is letting the tenant do all the work and then He is
even paying Us (cash rent) for letting him do the work.

We been snagging a few showers and a decent rain as of late,
so our crops are looking promising.

Good to see what your Broker is thinking -
thanks for posting his thoughts,

Good luck on your shorts.
I think we are approaching
an area of resistance.
( maybe already there yesterday in Dec) -

Thanks for the reply.

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