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Hi Dewey , I check in once in a while but don't see much activity

Thanks for the Hog comments.
and Thanks for your posting your position -
It helps me to avoid the wrong direction.

Hogs sure had a big drop in June.
I wasn't expecting a move that big.

I'm watching Oct now as they printed a low 8090 and then a nice bounce
to 8950 and then a retest of the low printing 8312 and then a gap up this week.

I think they look pretty good but we have a couple of obstacles to over come.

Oct is testing the 50 ma at 9035 today - printing 9040 this morning.
Abo that we see a gap to fill at 9102. I'm hoping to see them pop up
and fill that gap on this move before retesting the gap belo at 8570 - 8595.

It would be nice if that gap went unfilled on the retest
as it could then be considered a break-away gap upside.

That's just some of my thots at this time.
I always appreciate your posts.

And I'm hoping to see Spike come back to post his charts soon.
I'm also hoping He is seeing something that supports my thinking.

Nice to see the activity on this forum.

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