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I didn't plan it this way or even have any Hallucinations that this was going to happen-------or even allow myself to react so foolishly. Talk about Luck(the jury's not in yet) so it could turn out to be a mistake. My preference was for a $42 cattle/hog spread and I was a bit impatient by slapping it on at 40.20 last week. I don't know who or what lit the fuse on June cattle today but when I accidentally caught a look at the trade at 118.50, I threw in a market order without even thinking. I just don't do that(I haven't done that for many years) I wanted that $42 spread, probably more than I realized.

After I got my 75.60 fill on the hogs, my brain engaged and I realized I didn't want the risk of 2 spreads and started to think about how to handle the problem. I had a $2 stop working on my 76.90 position, so I decided to let it play out until that stop was hit then make a decision on the cattle leg. Going into the last 10-15 minutes of trade I couldn't believe how Lucky I was with only taking a 50 cent hit on my first spread. Now it wouldn't surprise me to see my $42 spread go $2 against me in a few days if somebody doesn't put the brakes on hog slide. Good Luck usually balances out with a round of Bad Luck.

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