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I found this from Allendale (Paul Gregory)

China continues to battle the fast spreading epidemic of African swine fever. The disease has now reached 24 of its provinces and led to the culling of more than 900,000 pigs. China's government encouraged pig farmers to quickly replenish their herds and said it would buy more pork for its reserves as it sought to curb price rises later in the year. "But I expect that to change around the second quarter, when we'll see a shortage of domestic supply in China" said Danish Crown Chief Executive Jais Valeur.

DH, I hope you don't have as many contracts as I have! One of my son's who works in office with me has started following the hogs He said yesterday, maybe I should sell some Land and buy more Hogs!! And he wasn't joking! At present time hog futures remind me of a carnival game!! Hopefully it changes.


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