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kind words, ITZ. It means a lot coming from someone whom I respect as one of the best traders I have known. I'm glad to know someone is getting something from my posts.

You know that maintaining this forum is not a profit center for me, rather it is an exercise in self-discipline. My trading just seems to go better if I take the time to carefully study the fundamentals carefully enough to make these posts. It's interesting how when you sometimes "Give" you actually receive. I know that the readership here is not so great that it creates competition for the trades I am making.

I don't know how much longer I will be able to do this. In July I will be 86. Google tells me that my life expectancy is 5.4 years, I really feel great. I don't take any medicines for any cause, condition or ailment. My blood pressure is like a teenager and have never had a cholesterol problem but I know at this age each day is a gift.

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