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has helped me a lot over years-----come to think of it, it's been a number of years since I started following your thoughts. I would guess probably 15 years or more----back when I thought I had it all figured out. Little did I know, there were a lot of high priced and painful lessons to learn. Now all I know is that the sun will come up and the sun will go down and the markets do the same except they don't have the precision clock that the sun has. However, as you know, the hog market on a longer timeline has the most precise time clock, than any other market.

DH, you have inspired me many times with your insight and integrity. We don't always see the same thing but I respect your thoughts greatly, they have saved my rear many times. You are responsible for generating my first interests in spreads. I probably would have never started using spreads if you hadn't triggered my interest in them. I'm glad I was able to return the favor with my annual cattle/hog spread, even though I wasn't able to participate this year due to my patience and stubbornness of where I wanted that spread. Probably mostly due to my responsibilities towards my grain producers, which has even prevented a lot of my hog market fishing trips. I can't complain, their business keeps a nice regular paycheck coming in each month. Their trust in me with their business has doubled since last year, so fishing suckers aren't nearly as irritating as previous years. That in turn keeps me in front of the computer so I can take advantage of fishing whenever I can free up time to get my fishing gear out. When I can't, I'm not as irritated about missing out on good fishing.

I trusted your instincts for being short June hogs and moved my south fishing line a little further north from 74.87 to 75.32 this morning and I also threw out some lines for my aggressive hedgers. I made my deposits @ 74.40 and 74.15. I was tempted to leave 1 on but I figured if I was hit on all three deposits in the first hour(which I didn't think would happen) it would probably try to retag the 74.90 broken support where I could decide whether or not to sell it again. Well, as usual the market didn't cooperate with any of my thinking except giving me 3 nice deposits. Can't complain about that.

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