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a couple guys how to fish but logic, bias, and greed always hindered their learning process. I have 3 producers that don't know a thing about fishing but after watching and listening a couple years, started telling me to get them short when a south pond opened up. One fishing trip and "They Believe" fishing is the only way to trade. They don't want to learn for themselves and tell me "that's what they pay me for and to do what I think is best".

I believe the key is to eliminate any bias when setting the trigger lines, damage control, and deposit orders. Every order is strictly mechanical based on my 60 min Time & Price squaring and the alignment to previous support and resistance levels. Also numerous rules applied to action/reaction during each 60 min playing field. All mechanical targets are pre calculated, usually with burning the midnight oil and the first layer of targets are set in place before the open. Pre planned adjustments mapped out and ready to be engaged after the first 60 min wave of action/reaction if need be. The bias and emotion need to be eliminated by using mechanical market dictation for typical back & forth movement when adjustments are called for.

When I start to feeling bias and emotion gaining control------the Prime Directive(don't take a loss) usually screams at me and I argue(a true sign of bias emotion) and PD usually wins because he is usually correct, that's why it's essential to have a Prime Directive with so much control. I don't have deep pockets and I have a low pain tolerance, so I have to have PD to make fishing work so I can keep playing the game. I do wish that fishing worked as well in other markets as it does for the hogs. My biggest fear is that it's only a temporary element for the hog market. I've been thinking that for over 5 years and I'm wondering if a new decade around the corner will put an end to my Fishing Experience. It may be back to the Drawing Board for me to find another system to build. I have come to realize that System Building is my underlying motivation for any endeavor I gain a passion for. So here's a shout out to all the System Builders of the world-----I doubt any will be reading this. DH, you kind of strike me as a System Builder yourself.

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