Just as I thought-----

the North Pond was not ready to open last week as I caught a pair of suckers for the first feeding on Thursday. There's no way of knowing, so my fishing rules leave me no choice but put my lines out and have damage control in place. When you pick and choose which setups you want to take a stab at-----you will pass on the winners and choose the losers. The North Pond was ready to go yesterday and my 74.27 lines gave me a return on last weeks suckers @ 75.80. Todays lines @ 76.30 put another pair of 50 centers in my pocket. Flat now and wondering how strong will the Brick Wall @ the 77-78 area prove to be.

Telling hedgers we need to be putting some water testing shorts on at the 78 area and adding more if it gets to 79 and 80 for a quick $10 rally. If it breaks 81.30 we probably don't need them. I will continue wearing a Bear Coat for my producers until 81.30 gets taken out. I will continue fishing whichever Fish Pond opens up each day as the process of up and down plays out.

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Just as I thought-----
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