Still a lot of Anger----

towards the hogs. When is the market going to tire of this beating? I sure never had the energy to give them a physical beating this long. On the positive side----my hedgers that give me the GO to do what I think needs to be done----are very happy campers with fatter bank accounts than they every expected. I never expected this kind of growth either-----just doing my job and what the market tells me to do------I have to admit, it's not always this successful, doing what the market tells me to do. Made the last deposit at 74.97 and out of all short positions. I really hope the market doesn't make me do this again-----I would rather see what it feels like to have a valid long on.

I will enjoy this moment for awhile------my hedgers thinking I'm a genius, I'm not going to tell them it was 80% luck-----if they knew that, they wouldn't want to pay me what they do, to manage their margins and make the choices that don't always turn out this good. What they don't know won't hurt them.

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Still a lot of Anger----
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