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not to the degree you feel it but my frustration is at the same level as your pain level. Sometimes I know I'm trying too hard-----so like a dummy----I try even harder. Not good when we are playing with a double edged sword such as the markets. It seems as if the longer I trade, the smarter I get(so I make myself believe) with lessons learned and different variables recognized-------but I never want to admit that I can't Out Guess the market. The times that I do it successfully gets over inflated with over confidence to produce a meal of HUMBLE PIE.

It must be a human addiction to believe we have it all figured out and can do no wrong. HUMBLE PIE(I've had more than my share) is good for the soul and I do believe it can makes us smarter but I always forget that there's always another lesson to be learned. Then there's those darn Refresher Courses that come out of nowhere. Several years ago, when I started gaining confidence in my Fishing Guide, I stuck a couple notes to the bottom of my computer monitors so I could see them all day long----"Don't take yourself so seriously----the Market Never Does" "Relax, do some Fishing" Those reminders are just like the markets-----they are not 100% effective because I still manage to serve myself more Humble Pie than I care to eat.

I've come to the conclusion-----I must have an Anxiety Addiction.

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Re: I can feel your pain, Dewey-----