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I'm not the only person suffering the $10 rally Hallucinations. You have substantial reasoning that takes it out of the Hallucination category to re-label it as qualifying potential. My Hallucinations started a month ago and for two weeks they have continued to look just like that-----silly Hallucinations. So typical of most of my Hallucinations that do become reality but the timing is always the challenge. Strong Hallucinations makes for good Fishing weather, which is where most of my account growth takes place. I just have to be careful that I don't take my Hallucinations to seriously until the Launch happens. When it does my Fishing Lines will hook a Big One. If the Launch doesn't happen----that's fine by me----as keep Fishing and catching baskets full of little ones and suckers---the account keeps growing, just not in the exciting way.

I also have enough reasoning at this time to re-label my Hallucination as qualifying potential. With that also comes the dangers of getting careless due to an over active bias that loses sight of the difference between bending and breaking my trading rules. Thanks for pointing out how low the commercials are on short positions. That may prove to be key going into the Hog & Pig at the end of the month. If nothing else-----the hog market will get trapped in a $5 sideways addiction that may have to kiss the 65.00 mark before the bottom is found.

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