Re: This is a strange March WO DH----

the Wash Out is really early, actually it started in Feb and I'm thinking it should be close to done and over. It usually waits until mid March, so I should be calling it a Feb washout------but on the other hand my Hallucinations have been crazy and quickly contradicting from day to day. Yesterday just as I was feeling good about a long 68.57 April I had held over from Mondays surge higher, my Damage Control put me on the sidelines. When the market closed my Hallucinations were Screaming "Going Down to 66.00.

I don't really trust being short April but the negative Hallucinations were just as strong for June to make a run at 78.00 and even 77.00. I had hedgers to think about as well as my long leg for the cattle hog spread that was lacking the short cattle leg. So with my fishing lines waiting for 3 @ 79.50 and sell stops for my aggressive hedgers @ 79.60 I waited for the open to get the verdict on my Hallucinations. The verdict came in "Guilty As Charged"! Now What? I guess I'll have to wait for the next round of Hallucinations.

I just realized I don't have my long leg for my cattle hog spread anymore and I felt so good about it. I'm not sure what to do about it or if I should be in a hurry to grab it again. I guess sleep on it and wait for the next Hallucination to kick in.

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Re: This is a strange March WO DH----
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