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to turn back UP-----if it wants to stick to the 30 day swing cycle pattern. The contract high was put in on Jan 8th and today is day 31. It doesn't have to stick to the pattern but addictions are hard to break. I have to expect some sort of reversal wither Friday or Monday and will attempt a bottom picking effort with the $1 bottom picking risk. I'm looking for at least a 15 day up cycle that may not get past my 1st Bounce Line target @ 71.70 but I have no other choice but to jump on and see how long I can ride. The Hog Market Addictions tend to treat me well-----except for the 20% failures----there's no way of knowing if this time is in the 20% category but it don't do any good to sit the sidelines and watch. Shoulda, woulda, coulda only causes frustration.

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