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has just turned positive so I'm not in a panic to get short Dec for my next set of battle plans I'm drawing up. We should at least see a week of sideways congestion in the 97.00-101.00 area for Oct to set up a potential rollover which may or may not happen until we get closer to Oct 1st. I did bank 2 of 3 long Oct 100.60-101.00 before the full 60 min correction set in. The mind game tactics now have many turned bearish waiting for this 50% retracement to be top picking sellers. The $10 move a done deal so the next attempt for a mind game play with willing convicted sellers to get stopped out as the hoggies try to extend the push another $5 which may fail but not after getting an additional 1/2 of that attempt just off of TOP PICKING sellers getting beat up the same as we did being bottom pickers. Doesn't always play out this way but setup is certainly there technically with the psych traps to support an extended push to 102.50. I'll hold my remaining long at 97.97 with fishing line set at both ends of the pond. Whatever the outcome, I don't have to choose, the market will do that for me. I'll just get picked up for the ride and hope I get off the move with a profit. I will start protecting any long Oct with short Dec at 95.50 if not forced to do it sooner.

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