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Thanks Dewey
Congrats on a couple good trades.
Also thanks for posting the news of changing limits.

I caught part of the down move in hogs with a put spread -
legged out of that for a decent little profit -
decent for my speed - small for others. lol

I also bought the HEV on the lmt down day at 8460 -
thinking they should hold the 83 - 8350 lows to the left -
which they did - then Placed an order at 8700 which filled at 8712.

So my luck isn't all bad - I have to attribute it mostly to luck
as I consider hogs to be dangerous to my small acct.

Now with your news of expanded limits coming,
I will probably be limited to spreads or options in hogs.

Dewey, if You feel comfortable, send me an e-mail sometime.


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