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Hi Spike -

thanks again for the charts.
I really appreciate your updates.

I was checking the Monthly continuation of the Oct Hog contract and was surprised
to see the Jul Monthly a Doji bar with open of the Oct at 88.00 and clo at 88.025,
with Hi at 94.05 and low at 83.12, even on quite hi Vol - and the Jul Vol considerably higher then Jun bar -
which the Jun had a wide range outside bar spike Hi at 97.975 - low at 80.90 - and
clo at 87.275 vs the Jul clo at 88.025 - the Jun bar at an est 2/3 vol vs the Jul bar.

Since both bars are of the same Oct contract, the Vol vs range seems contradictory to me,
But I suppose the increased Vol can be explained by the Oct contract rapidly
becoming the lead contract as Aug expires.

I guess I need to wait to see if we break the Jun Hi or Jun low to determine direction on this chart.
My bias here is the we see a correction down here on the Oct - maybe toward the 75 area.

I wish I could post a chart here, but for some reason I haven't been able to do that any more.
Something changed for me some time ago on the site for posting.

Sure good to see some activity on this site again.

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