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in agreement with what I'm waiting for but sometimes agreement is a bad thing. I have a few guys short June @ 114.80 with profit targets @ 109.00-109.50. I want to get long July with my buy target waiting @ 108.50. Not interested @ 109.50 but may prove that I should be pulling the trigger there. I will be interested if it drops the extra $1, so my orders are sitting there waiting.

The cattle market has gone crazy all of a sudden. I was expecting this a month from now but now its trying to act like the corn market. Cattle have cooperated with my thought process for the last 9 months and now it wants to leave me sitting empty and scratching my head. I did get out of my short June in a timely and very profitable fashion. Its so easy to forget that the market doesn't have to and very seldom moves in lockstep with my thought process. It is nice when it does so I shouldn't be complaining.

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