Re: Once again DH, when confused

I find it's best if I just cast my fishing lines and n-a-p until I get a bite. A pair of Feb sell stops hit @ 85.95 with projected 60 min momentum targets @ 85.60, 85.25, and 85.00. I choose 85.25 and now have a sell order for a bounce re entry for an action/reaction trip back down to 85.00-85.20 deposit target. IF the bounce doesn't stop at 85.60-86.00 bounce range, my 86.15 stops will force my donation. The short re entry just got hit. With little time left before the close, I don't have time on my side so I will have to be content with 20 cents profit on 1 and 30 on the other. I have no interest in a carry through the weekend since I believe Feb hogs are setting up an $8-$10 rally into late Jan. My cattle/hog spreads are still looking good.

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