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but I'm doing it with the short cattle spreads. I don't trust an outright long at this time since the hogs are operating with a sell signal triggered @ 89.40. This is one of the few times I have not grabbed a triggered sell signal or buy signal. I believe it is a forced signal that will be negated soon but I have broken my mechanical trading rules, I usually regret breaking my rules. My rules are to protect me from myself but the damage control rule CAN NOT BE BROKEN but I still find a way to do it at least once a year.

I've come to the conclusion a person has to have a few rule bending bones to enjoy this game. If you don't enjoy the process you won't last very long but there is a fine line between BENDING and BREAKING and its hard to recognize when and where you've crossed the line until it's too late. That's why damage control is so important to me because of my addiction to rule bending. I try to keep it on a tight leash but streaks of success tends to inflate my head to the point of brain dysfunction at which point the fine line between bending and breaking becomes a blur.

I have a pair of Feb 81 cattle/hog spreads and before the day is over I will probably wish I would have had patience for 82. I have deposit orders working 79.25. My damage control kicks me out @ 83 to make a donation that is past due.

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