What to Expect?
Hog & pig comes out Thursday at 2:00. The estimates were not overly negative although one must look for upward revisions from the last report. Wonder if all the uncertainty could possibly cue a surprise in the kept for breeding number? Otherwise, demand is going to be the story moving forward. Not only are we experiencing a surge in domestic demand but we’re also anticipating the Chinese to step up their shipments. I can visualize double the shipments to China this spring and summer which would be from 17,000 MT per week to over 30,000 MT. This is a game changer if numbers fall off seasonally as they should in the summer. Weights are expected to begin dropping as producers are now moving hogs well ahead of schedule. I’m expecting summer hogs to test 9000. Stay with bullish positions.

Above is what I received from my broker awhile ago. I have had 2 very good days with the hogs.

My business is a different story. I am trying to stay Positive & Flexible as both are needed now more than ever!!

To all I wish you well in all ways but especially in our health,


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