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will continue to line up in masses. Everyone is aware that there will be Moon Launches at some point------the market loves to punish the bottom pickers until they give up out of frustration or they drain their bank account from failed Launches. I want to hear some of the Market Guru's give some good explanation for WHEN China will become strong buyers of pork. That's probably not possible to accurately calculate but I do have a Hallucination that's been nagging at me.

China never does things in a obvious way, so I have to think in terms of the abnormal activity and frustrated beat up bulls throwing in the towel. That leaves the Aug and Oct contracts benefit from an abnormal surprise Market Launch. It's not really abnormal for the August contract because the Aug contract does have a habit of receiving an explosive Launch as front month every 3-4 years. I'll have to check my notes but I think I have it in the addiction category for 2 X every decade. It's not a strong Hallucination yet but they all start out as a whisper. If it becomes stronger over the next couple months, I will have to start giving it some respect.

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