Re: I'm still procrastinating-----

on scratching that buying itch for June hogs. Since it didn't stop at 80.00 I decided to see how it reacted at the next potential support at 78.00. Now I do have a target working at 76.90 that could easily prove to be too much patience on my part. Now that 78.00 failed to hold------the 75.00 area has been marked and put on the menu of possibilities. That doesn't mean it has a high percentage chance of happening but it is now in the possibility category and I won't take more than $2 risk, so my order is in that area that if I do get a 76.90 fill and then stopped out, I know I don't have any business being long anyway.

I have to keep in mind that June hogs could be determined to put in that $10 correction, it's well past the half way point so the final 2.50 could easily happen.

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Why, yes, ITZ, it did in fact hit 59.50 and - -
Placed an order to sell June cattle/hog at 39.90. *NM*
Re: I'm still procrastinating-----
Well, ITZ, I am not procrastinating-----