Re: DH, it looks like------

I'm going to have to be buying June hogs sooner than I thought. They have triggered a sell signal at 82.35 and tried to negate it on the 21st but failed. My 79.25-80.00 target is now on the menu. I really didn't expect to get my June hogs on this early but with hogs going down and the cattle going up, I may be able to get both sides of the spread a lot sooner than expected. I haven't given a lot of thought to a desired spread for the cattle/hog spread but I've had expectations of June cattle hitting 120.00 area for a sell and the 79.50-80.00 price tag for June hogs will be hard to resist buying. So my first guess for my desired cattle/hog spread is at the $40 area.

It is very early to be putting that thing on, with at least 4 months of waiting before it gets time to harvest. Sometimes it don't get ripe for picking until mid to late May.

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Re: DH, it looks like------
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