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on the producer hedges when I saw the quick counter reversal off of the early break below 65.00. I didn't panic but patiently waited for it to drift back down to 65.10 to make a deposit on all of them. Now I wait to see if I was right or wrong for the lack of courage. I had their stops set at 66.05-----so if it hits that, I made the correct choice. If it fails to hit 66.05 and drops below 64.77------then I've proven to be a trading whimp. I don't mind being a whimp because it was not my money on the line and my guys walked away with an increase in their Bank Account-----that is my main concern, so Mission Accomplished in a whimpy way.

Dh, I don't know about you but for me that darn June cattle/hog spread has turned into an Addiction that I look forward to every year-----the anxiety it has brought a few times, has not broken the Addiction.

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