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I'm in agreement with Dennis------which has me a bit worried at the moment. This is the first day for the last 4 or 5 days that I've had spare time to do some fishing. I snagged a pair of long June @ 75.62 and it has been a poor and slow response, sure not a feeding frenzy I'd like to see. I didn't really expect it to be as its acting like suckers. The setup was there but no reason for the shorts to panic. If I can get a 60 min close above 75.60, it might start to worry some of the shorts. if the setup is there I have to go with it and see what happens. First deposit is 75.85 for pocket change and second target is 76.20. Damage control is @ 75.22. I'm at the mercy of how hungry this group of fish is and whether they want to eat now or later. I see the 60 min close was undecided with a 75.60 close.

Today may not be the day and I may get stuck with a donation but sooner or later the fish in the north ponds will get hungry, so i'll just keep my fishing lines ready. Dennis was talking about a daily close above 75.60 so that may not happen until May is off the board but when it does happen-----77.00-78.00 is marked as a done deal-----according to my Hallucinations. No guarantee those hallucinations become reality but I will be treating them as Reality in Waiting. I can't wait for a daily close above 75.60 because that daily close might be 1 or 2 dollars higher. That's a lot of fish I don't put in my basket. I have now mentally prepared myself for one of those irritating Donations that's only 10 cents away from me saying a few choice words about them suckers. It happens, just part of playing the game------but I'm still going to give those suckers a piece of my irritated mind.

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