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but my Hallucinations have been strong. Over the weekend, I decided to go with the strongest but craziest ones I had for my group of hedgers that like to play my Hallucinations. We've had hedge targets for June hogs @ 83.70 working for several weeks, so we threw some more out there with $1 Damage Control. We didn't really expect them to get hit and when we did, the donation thoughts seemed probable. We even lowered our stops to 83.45 for the probable Turn-Around-Tuesday trade. Sometimes the market decides to cooperate with a gift. Don't know why but who cares-----a gift is a gift, with no arguments from me.

At the end of the day Tuesday we felt strongly compelled to throw on short April @ 70.25 (myself included) I had a long June I needed to protect and these guys trust me that I won't put them in something I won't do myself. My downside target was 67.75 where I had buy orders working for last week but canceled them 2 days later. My strong Hallucination for the 5th wave down to complete the down pattern off of the 77.25 high had me throwing the 67.75 buy order back out there to take profits on my short. I wasn't convicted(brave) enough to take on a long but that may happen tomorrow depending on the close today. My hedgers are still holding their shorts but I have moved their Damage Control down to break even and maybe a notch lower tomorrow. The June hedges have Damage Control @ 82.40 and waiting to be lowered another notch----they will get a deposit regardless. Gifts are always nice but you just can't make a plan to get them-----we just seem to stumble into them.

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