Re: DH, the cattle market------

is being stubborn and causing me slight anxiety about being patient for my target. A little cooperation would be nice but if 120.00 doesn't happen by my March 5th cycle----I may be tempted to knock it down a notch. Cattle like hogs, have no problem making a $3 jump from one day to the next. The problem with this spread is not getting it on with a desired spread, the problem is keeping you boat afloat in rough waters-----as you well know.

Last years problems with the spread was 1 of 2 years out of 10 and I have to believe those 2 years won't be back to back. I also know how easily the Unexpected happens----so I expect to be busy jumping at a lot of shadows. I complain about watching paint dry but after last year, I wouldn't mind a Paint Drying Session.

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