Dinner Bells------

were ringing going into the close. Talk about a Feeding Frenzy! I certainly don't appreciate all the fishing the last 10 minutes. I hadn't even thought about canceling my Fishing Lines and was panic stricken when I saw the market jump to 73.00----I didn't have time to make any adjustment choices, not that I needed to do anything since both pairs hit their deposit orders as fast as the hook was set. It was kind of funny, out of habit I felt like I needed to do something------but I sat there slapping my face and saying "what do I do, what do I do"! Then I realized the markets gonna close looking at a weekend----it's best I do nothing since I just grabbed an nice chunk of weekend CASH.

It is irritating that I had to wait until the end of day for the Fish to get hungry.

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Dinner Bells------
Good Morning, ITZ. I had somewhat the same - -