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tomorrows open will be a Make or Break day. The market is working on its 3rd hit of the 73.30 Nov 1st high, going into the close. The action/reaction play will be saved for the open tomorrow. A new fishing hole has opened up for tomorrow between 73.00-74.00 Will there be another feeding frenzy at the 73.47 Dinner Bell or will it be time for the Sharks to serve some suckers and send it back down to test support at 72.00. I'll have the answer shortly after the open and waiting to be served a pair of suckers for my Fishing Lines sitting @ 73.47.

The open will provide me with plenty of Anxiety to deal with-----that I'm not fast enough to handle------therefore deposit orders will be staggered between 73.60, 73.80, and 74.00 and Damage Control staggered between 72.80 and 72.40. I expect my head to be spinning from the unexpected but trying to make timely decisions with a spinning head Anxiety Attack usually adds to the pain------so mechanical choices have proven to be my Best Defense against my inability to safely handle a fast moving market and keep my head off of the chopping block. If there is not a Fast Mover the first 15 minutes out of the gate-------my slow mind and slower order entries can handle it from there.

Are you READY for 74.00, it's on the Menu to be served------its gonna happen------Sooner or Later. If it's Later, I'll have a few Sucker bumps and bruises but the Sharks won't have me for lunch.

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