WHOA NELLIE!! Pigs do FLY-----

what just happened-----a feeding frenzy that'll make your head spin-----mine sure is. All North lines hit, three different sets and deposit orders on everything, all hit with the blink of the eye. I've never seen this happen before where my first deposit orders were only 12 cents above my first fills. There must have been a MASS of stops sitting at 71.67 since my fills on the first pair of lines were at 71.87. I did ok on the 72.20 and 72.47 lines but I sure didn't expect every order to get fill with a blink.

I have a very strong cycle for this week and was expecting the contract high to get a test but not right at the open. Now what??? First I have to get my head to stop spinning!

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WHOA NELLIE!! Pigs do FLY-----
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