Re: I was a little surprised------

to get a slap in the face(find your focus fool) with the gap open above my north lines @ 70.15 and fills @ 70.27. That's what happens to me after 3 days, without a thought to the markets------No Homework + No Focus = DONATION! I was even more surprised that I LUCKED OUT without a Donation-----even after I had to move my Damage Control up 10 cents to 69.85. I did have the old stand by, Mechanical Plan to use so I didn't go Deer In The Headlights------I was braced for the irritation of a Donation. I even dropped my original Deposit Orders @ 70.85 and 71.05 down to 70.65.

This first hour round of anxiety almost caused me to scrap my cattle market, add more longs, buy stop orders. They are looking good at the moment but still not confirmed for validity. My focus for the remainder of the day-----is on the cattle market. Choices for the close need to be made, so I have work to do------since I have now put myself in a situation of Double the Risk.

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