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9/4/14 was up $1.14. This is the second day that the Purchase Index has been up so we are now on an "Up Trend". I have no idea how long this up trend will last or how high it will go. The model projects that the CME Index component on the yesterday's kill will move up between +0.10 to +0.40.

The kill continues to trail projections from the last H&P report. So far this week the kill is running 5.0% below the same week last year. That is not too far from projection but since 6-1-14 we are down more than 700K.

The surge in the VVVs has pumped their premium to the CME lndex component up to 9.14. That's some premium!

I'm mostly just watching the VVV piggies. Occasionally I try a scalping trade. I'm wanting to get short but not yet.

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The Final Purchase Index for - - -
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