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9/2/14 kill was down -0.60 to 95.37 putting the VVVs at a premium of 4.73 over the index.

I missed a bit today on the projected change in the index component. It was down a bit more than projected but I hope you don't judge me too harshly for the miss, after all, how many of you projected the change and came within 0.15 of pegging it?

The model does work quite well but I am still like Farmer Ed in-as-much-as I talk hogs a lot better than I trade them. At least he can raise them and all I can do is talk them and I love doing it.

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PS: I did harvest a few tics out of the VVV that I bought at 100.30 this morning! I also flipped a few K/M spreads so the day is not going to be a complete bust.

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The CME Component on the - - -
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