Oct hogs acting like

they want to stay above 95.00. If we see the weekly close above 95.05 that would be a positive clue the projection target @ 99.65 is locked on. With that thought I had been looking at buy stops in the 96.10 area and with yesterdays decent close I threw my fishing lines out at the north end for a pair @ 96.10 with a lot of anxiety about night fishing which I don't do too often. On my fill I set my stops at my max comfort zone for risk in night fishing @ 95.40 fully expecting to make a donation. Not sure what I have on the line but will know before the day is over. I will move my stops up a notch after the first 60 min of trade. Oops, I just snagged another pair @ 97.20 that has been sitting out there since Wed. Stops set on them @ 96.40. Now my anxiety meter is on the rise because if I take a lose on the 97.20's I'll be forced to punt on the first pair. I am clueless until I see the first 60 min close. Then I still might be clueless but I'll either be stopped out or still treading water. when you LIVE by the stop you DIE by the stop!!

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Oct hogs acting like
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Way to go, ITZ. The VVVs are - - -