DH, this may surprise you

but I am also always amazed at how reliable(when set mechanical rules are applied to the trade) my fishing lines produce a growing bank account. I probably make it sound easier than it really is but if you could see the mechanical calculation process at battle with the human logic and anxiety that goes through my mind over every 60 min bar I look at to give me the moving momentum mechanics for stop triggers before, during, and after I snag something, its not all that slam dunk easy to do. I do get a lot of quick 40 cent losses when I let myself get impatient, greedy, or stupid in thinking I can do no wrong. That ALWAYS enters my mentally swelled ego after several good fishing days. I just can't seem to keep that human frailty locked in the basement. Every day I tell myself there are no HOLY GRAILS in this game so discipline to the rules and mechanics need to be applied or the losers will overwhelm me. Some days I ignore what the painful lessons have taught me.

The thing that makes my fishing lines work is the fact that I found a way to take my 2 main trading liabilities, low pain tolerance and shallow pockets, and turn them into assets by using my best trading asset(an instinctive gift) ability to recognize accurate stop areas. Fishing lines work in other markets but not nearly a consistent or productive as with the hog market. That's fine with me since the hog market IS my market of choice.